Straight Talk Counselling

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How are you ?  How many times have we been asked this question and replied with a stock phrase.. 'I'm fine' or 'I am OK' ?   I'm guessing you're not fine as you have stopped to read my website.

Sometimes the build up of day-to-day pressures, major life events, or times of significant change can result in thoughts, emotions or behaviours which can be alarming,frightening, or disruptive and affect our everyday lives. This can impact on our work, social life, well being and our relationships with ourselves and others.

Sometimes, family and friends are not the people we can turn to. They are either too close, or maybe you feel they won't understand. You could be concerned they may be alarmed with your thoughts and they wouldn't be able to help you.


I can offer you a confidential, safe environment to explore your inner thoughts and feelings where being authentic and genuine is at the heart of my practice. I will not give you advice, but together we can look at alternative ways to reach your goals and make a change. I will respect your autonomy throughout our work together and support you with any decisions you may make.

Counselling can empower you to overcome your difficulties, to grow, change and move forward.